SOBO Restaurant offers a complete menu that ranges from freshly made Traditional Sushi, (Niguiris, Hosomakis, Uramakis or Futomakis); to the selection of Dim-sum, and homemade spring rolls, as well as their famous “Peking duck”.
Going one step further, in our commitment to surprise and satisfy the most demanding palates, we have incorporated into the menu the RAMEN of salmon, tofu or bacon, (highly nutritious Japanese soup), with varied ingredients even in its vegetarian version. As well as the successful YAKITORIS, made of teriyaki beef, sweet and sour pork or satai chicken, which you can cook yourself, comfortably from your table, to the point that you like the most, with the barbecue grill. A different, easy and entertaining experience, to enjoy oriental cuisine at your leisure.
And as a finishing touch to an extraordinary evening, we suggest you try the SOBO assortment of desserts, to remember us with the best taste in your mouth. Come and join us…