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Telephone: 01752 339100

or 01752 341155

Email: info@plymptonguru.co.uk

We are open …

5.30pm til 11pm every evening and Bank Holidays

and 5.30pm til 10.30pm on Sundays

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On orders over £10 within 3 miles. Last orders for delivery 10pm

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On our website here you will be able to browse our extensive menu and learn something about our dishes and how they are prepared … we hope to hear from you soon …

Welcome to the Guru Indian Takeaway …

Guru Indian takeaway in Plympton

The perfect choice for an evening in …

Based in Plympton, we deliver high quality Indian food to

takeaway across Plymouth and offer FREE delivery

within a 3-mile radius.

Our expertly prepared, aromatic meals will get your

mouth watering before you've opened the container.

Hungry? Planning a night in? Browse our menu online, and call now to order your meals.

Why choose Guru?

Free delivery within 3 miles

A wide selection of authentic Indian dishes

Get your food fast with our swift preparation & delivery

Great prices

Open daily, including bank holidays

Special Indian Banquet offers

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Whenever someone thinks of spices, often Indian cooking comes to their mind. Indian cooking is well known for its creative use of spices. Using more than ten different spices while cooking a recipe is not considered an excessive use of spices in Indian cooking. A typical Indian dish uses a different kind of spice to add the flavor of the food. A result should always be subtle aroma and flavor to food rather than assault to your senses. Spices are used in Indian food in many ways. Spices may be used ground or whole, fried or roasted, dry or as paste, at the end or in the beginning of the cooking, alone or with combination. The style of cooking and thus, the use of spices depend on a particular region in India. However, the spices most often used spice through out the India are Turmeric, Cumin, Black Pepper, Mustard Seeds, Cardamom, Cloves, Fennel Seeds, Ginger, Garlic and Chilies.

Indian spices can be mixed in specific amounts to make Spice Mixtures used in daily cooking. Some of the famous spice mixtures are Garam Masala, Chat Masala etc. The composition of the mixture might vary according to region but the basic ingredients remain same. Traditionally, women in the family used to make these spice mixtures themselves. However, nowadays already mixed spices are readily found in the market.


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