The first grant application phase is now closed while we await more funds.

Grant recipients will be chosen randomly from wheelofnames.com on September 7th, and funds will be distributed that day.


To qualify, your restaurant must be independently owned, a MIRC member, and located in Milwaukee County. Become a member HERE.





One entry per restaurant. To enter we need the name of your restaurant and the contact info of the owner/manager. If you are awarded the grant, we will need your bank account information to transfer the money.


If you do not receive the grant this time, your restaurant will remain eligible for the next grant period – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ENTER AGAIN.


That’s all. This is a grant program designed by restaurant owners for other restaurant owners. There are no hoops to jump through, no long explanations to give, nothing you have to prove about how you spent it. Fix your equipment, buy PPE, use it to make payroll or buy products or whatever you need! Stay strong, Milwaukee!”