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The Academy for Dog Trainers was formed by Jean Donaldson in 1999 to address the crushing need for more comprehensive dog trainer education. Since its formation The Academy has trained and certified more than 700 trainers in evidence-based dog behavior, training, and private behavior counseling.

The Academy is a virtual university for dog trainers. It’s a two-year, part-time online program that offers a comprehensive education in all aspects of dog training, dog behavior, behavior modification, client counseling, teaching classes and thriving in your work. If you are accepted into the Academy, you will become part of our renowned lifelong, supportive and sophisticated community. You will have access to guest experts via webinars, and Academy staff will hone your practical technique through our detailed, personalized, pioneering method of video coaching.

The Academy has a higher entrance bar than other programs, as well as a broader, more in-depth and more difficult curriculum. It is not for everyone. Please study the curriculum , requirements and code of conduct before applying. Most students complete the course in two years. Our program is divided into four levels, each to be completed in six months and you’ll be tested for knowledge and technique at the end of each level. At the end of the two years, you’ll take a final exam to become a fully-qualified graduate CTC.