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“I am very happy with Creative and look forward to working with them for years to come.”

“Big thanks to CP and their entire team for your dedication, product quality and commitment of service across the board.”

“The EPS coolers that Creative supplies is of the highest quality. We are really happy with their products and the entire team.”

“Creative’s customer service is exceptional.  It’s one thing to have a great product, but the customer service takes them to a whole new level.”

“The gel packs that Creative provides are amazing.  They use premium raw materials and it shows.  We love Creative.”

“My team was struggling with shipping product across the US.  Product was showing up not conditioned.  We worked with Creative to determine ways to keep our product cold for delivery.”

“Creative Packaging has been a true partner to my company.  They have found innovative ways to allow us to optimize our packaging SKUs and found ways to save us money.”

“Creative Packing is and continues to be a great partner supplying our company with multiple sku gel packs. Their quality of product stands the test with our extensive cold keeping standards and their customer service is absolutely AMAZING! Their response time, follow up and commitment to a valued partnership is both commendable and refreshing.”

“We have just started to order from Creative Packaging and I am very pleased with not only the product but the Customer Service aspect as well. The team at Creative is excellent to work with and works diligently to help solve any issues that may arise. They also are great to work with to come up with solutions for business needs that are presented. They are diligent in getting back information that is needed as well.”