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Chris Lyons, former owner of Table 20 in Cartersville, is now the proud new founder and owner of Fork and Spoon Street Eats food truck. His humble ability to transform any food with unique, exciting flavors brings friends, family, and strangers from all around the local area, and beyond.

Over the last 12 years, Chris has cooked and explored his way through many of the top restaurants in Atlanta, placed in the top 20 finalists on Top Chef, and earned multiple awards including the 2018 and 2019 People’s Choice Award for Best Restaurant for residents and visitors to VisitCartersvilleGA.org.

After years of mastering his technique and discovering his own distinct style, Chris took a giant leap to open his own food truck. Notorious for his special way of taking a simple or old dish and turning it into something fresh and interesting with unexpected, bold flavors, Chef Lyons serves food that gets your taste buds excited.

Join him in his new venture in the industry as he shares his excitement and love of food with just about anyone who can hold a Fork and Spoon.