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Who doesn’t remember the old saying that goes: “Need sharpens ingenuity,” and this exactly is the story of Salvador De La Torre, who along with his family, works day and night with excellence to reach his dreams. The story begins on the morning of April 8, 1996, in a small corner of Mexico called Turitzio, in the state of Michoacátn. A family father abandons his home to head for an uncertain future.

His destiny was “North,” a road that day to day millions of immigrants risk their lives for with the only hope of achieving a better future for their families. Salvador, his eyes full of tears, relates his story.“That morning I didn’t want to wake up my daughters, and I only said goodbye to my wife very quickly, I didn’t want to slow down for a second because I knew deep down that if I did, I wouldn’t have the strength needed to go on … Upon arriving at the door of my house that led to the street, I stopped and said, ‘God, bless me, I’m not coming back;’ I’m going to look for a better future for my family.” That’s how he did it; he arrived to the north.