Home Horticulture Certificate

2023 Course Update: Virtual lectures will be held on Thursdays from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. beginning on January 26 and ending on May 4. All dates will be confirmed prior to registration. Optional a la carte field practicum sessions on select Friday afternoons will be offered at the time of registration.


The Home Horticulture Certificate (HHC) is a comprehensive horticultural education program that takes participants on an educational journey through fourteen weeks of virtual classroom and optional in-person practicum instruction. All sessions are taught by URI Cooperative Extension faculty and staff, and cover a range of foundational and practical topics including basic botany, insects, integrated pest management, soil science, plant nutrition, plant diseases and the diagnostics process, invasive plants and landscape biodiversity, native plants and pollinators, vegetable gardening, fruit culture and care, and more! Students complete the course with a solid understanding of the breadth and depth of horticultural science topics, and approaches to environmentally-friendly landscape management and gardening. The course content is rigorous; students are supported by an undergraduate teaching assistant, who provides assistance with the online learning management system and navigating “school”. Students engage with science-based horticultural resources, hands-on “Try-This” activities, and discussion prompts on the course website to inspire thoughtful reflections on weekly course content. A hands-on, practical course project that focuses on landscape observation and analysis draws the concepts learned in class together. The culminating class session features a project showcase, discussion session and a toast to a job well done!