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About Us

Sawadee ka! 

That is our way of saying a warm hello in Thai.  It also inspired our name Ka Thai.  We want all of our customers to feel a warm welcome each and every time they dine with us.

When you dine at Ka Thai, you will experience traditional Thai food brought from our family’s restaurant Thailand.  With recipes that have been in our family for decades, you will enjoy well-known Thai dishes as well as Thai dishes that are unique to our family.  

As with our restaurant in Thailand, we seek to only provide our customers with the finest quality food.  We endeavor to use healthier, better quality ingredients.  Through the combination of these ingredients and our family’s time-tested cuisine, you will experience Thai food packed with Thai flavor like no other restaurant in Dallas.

Our love for Thai food and our desire to bring new Thai dishes to Dallas have brought us to this place at this time.  We are so happy to be here as part of this neighborhood and community.  We hope you will join us for an extraordinary Thai meal and some good company.  Sawadee ka!