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Nathan, his wife Michaela, her mother Cindi and stepfather Dave, opened Southern Porch as a joint venture and true family business. Owning a restaurant has been a dream for Nathan, who has an education centered in entrepreneurship and years of restaurant work experience while his wife Michaela grew up a true farmer’s daughter picking vegetables and working in her dad’s produce stand. Dave is an experienced restaurant professional after working as a chef at the popular Clyde restaurant, Blue Rooster. Many remember Cindi has a friendly face at Bogart’s in Waynesville for 14 years.


Dave and Cindi celebrated their retirement in March of 2019, leaving Nathan and Michaela as the sole owners of Southern Porch.  

The “real” bosses and owners of Southern Porch are the two young girls, Brindley and Khairee who you may see                                         running through the restaurant,                                                   handing out roses on Valentine’s Day or                                   even seating you as they beg to be the                                         hostess for the evening. 

                                 Southern Porch is all about family- not                                     just our own family, but helping the                                           town of Canton and surrounding area to                                   all feel like family when here.