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“Vitae, with its heart of compassion and its feet of good works, has saved the lives of thousands and rekindled the conscience of our community.”

“Vitae does such incredible work that is so necessary.  When you choose to seek out the people on the front lines, you let them know they are capable of empowering those women who feel all alone.  But we never hear that message from the other side.”

“The Vitae Foundation is sending messages into our country and into our culture about the value of human life and the value of unborn children.”

“America has done a disservice to the world by elevating abortion.  This means that your work is even more important.”

“One of the reasons I’m so impressed by Vitae is that you are approaching it in exactly the right way. I have all kinds of thoughts about legislative solutions to this, but I think they are much less interesting…and certainly less relevant than the mission you are undertaking.”

“Vitae understands that you have to combine research—facts—with an effective mode of delivery.  This is what shifts people’s beliefs.  We have the power to win this great pro-life struggle.  Vitae has an indispensable role.”

“Listen to the rhetoric and the shrill voices on the other side melting down with the thought that Roe could be vulnerable in this time. Vitae’s efforts and work are more necessary than ever.”

“Together with Vitae, we must continue in getting fact-based information to Pregnancy Help Centers, the media, and women in uncomfortable situations.”

“Planned Parenthood is the biggest of the pro-abortion brigade, remaining the unquestionable leader of the Cult of Death.  This sanctioning of infanticide must end.  Do whatever you can to support the Vitae Foundation.  Sixty million voices have been silenced.  Ours cannot be.”

“I want to thank Vitae for using the art of persuasion in creating a culture of life.”

“That’s why it’s important that ads by Vitae be there. Because Vitae can’t be inside the abortion clinic, but we can be there so women never set foot inside the abortion clinic. And that is the goal! Planned Parenthood spends millions in research to reach their demographic. Well, guess what? Vitae does their research too…and their ads work!”

“While there are many different avenues and many different ways all of us in the pro-life movement are trying to change the culture of America to a pro-life culture, the fact is what Vitae is doing is truly one of the most—if not the most innovative approach that exists anywhere in America today. And the results are astounding.”

“I’ve been overwhelmed with this idea of legacy. What do we want to be remembered for? The legacy we’re talking about is a legacy like Vitae and how they are changing—no, not changing, but saving lives.”

“Everybody should ask this question: If you didn’t show up, who would miss you and why? If Vitae hadn’t shown up, think of the babies today who would not be here if it weren’t for them. That’s the greatest contribution we could make to our fellow human beings.”

“Thank you, Vitae, for standing up for an issue that relates to political incorrectness.  Thank you for caring for those who can’t speak for themselves.  Someone has to do that!”

“The Vitae Foundation is at the forefront of where this movement needs to go, and I really applaud you. You’re changing minds, you’re changing hearts, and the world is a better place for your vision.”

“The masters of media are the people defining the moral value system…that is why what you’re doing is of such vital importance. You are saving lives.”