Homesite Insurance Review: Home and Renters Insuance

Homesite home insurance

Homesite home insurance rates

Homesite’s homeowners insurance rates are 91% more expensive than the average of its competitors’ rates. The company only offers only a few discounts to help lower the cost of a policy, making it unlikely that you’ll save enough to make its prices competitive.

Graph showing Homesite home insurance rates versus competitors

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Homesite’s online quote tool is quick and easy to use because it pulls in information about your home using public records. However, the system makes it difficult to customize some coverages. When you input your home’s address, Homesite automatically estimates its value.

While you can add extra coverage based on the value of your home, you cannot lower your desired amount of dwelling coverage — even if Homesite’s estimate isn’t correct.

Homesite home insurance coverages

Homesite home insurance comes with coverage that’s mostly in line with the industry’s standard protections.

The main difference between Homesite and other homeowners insurance companies is the way its liability protection works. Typically, personal liability covers expenses from lawsuits brought against you for injury or property damage, including libel and slander.

Although Homesite insurance includes personal liability in its regular policies, you must purchase an extra endorsement to receive protection against libel and slander.

Homesite also includes mold protection for your home’s structure and mold liability in its base policy. While these coverages could be useful for some homeowners, they contribute to Homesite’s high insurance costs, making it a poor choice for homeowners looking for the cheapest rates.

What’s covered by a Homesite home insurance policy?



Dwelling coverageCovers you for damage or loss of your home’s structure if it’s caused by a covered perilPersonal property coverageCovers damage, destruction and theft of possessionsLoss of use coverageReimburses you for expenses associated with being unable to stay in your home due to a covered lossPersonal liability coverageCovers your expenses if you’re sued by another person for injury or property damageMedical payments to othersCovers medical bills if someone suffers an injury on your property

Even though many of the upgrades available with Homesite insurance aren’t unique, each endorsement is practical, and most homeowners will find them to be useful forms of extra protection. Homesite’s extra coverages include:

  • Identity theft protection: Covers up to $15,000 of expenses incurred due to identity theft, such as legal fees and fraudulent credit card charges. You could also be reimbursed for legal fees and lost work time.
  • Personal injury protection: Provides protection from claims of slander, libel and invasion of privacy. Although this protection often comes standard from other providers, you must extend the limit of liability on your Homesite home insurance policy if you want this coverage.
  • Extended replacement cost coverage: If the cost to replace your home is greater than your policy limits, extended replacement cost coverage
  • Coverage for valuables: Offers extra protection for valuable items like jewelry, artwork, musical instruments and sporting equipment.
  • Equipment breakdown: Covers the cost to repair or replace household appliances damaged by mechanical or electrical breakdowns.
  • Service lines coverage: Covers the cost to repair or replace underground wiring or piping that supplies your utilities.
  • Water backup or sump pump overflow coverage: Pays to repair damage due to flooding caused by backed-up pipes or a faulty sump pump.

Homesite flood insurance

Homesite also offers separate flood insurance policies for homeowners who live in a flood zone. The company has a number of different coverage levels available, including building-only coverage, contents-only coverage, combined coverage and coverage for businesses.

Homesite homeowners insurance discounts

Homesite offers a number of discounts, including:

  • Home purchase discount
  • Bundle your homeowners insurance with auto coverage from CONNECT by American Family for a 10% discount
  • Receive a discount if you’re an elderly homeowner
  • Own a home with safety equipment installed, such as centrally monitored burglar alarms and fire sprinkler systems

Your available discounts may differ depending on where you live. In any case, if you’re eligible for discounts, Homesite will automatically apply them to your home insurance premium.