Homestyle: Restaurants in Dallas

In Dallas, homestyle cuisine rules. And we call it “cuisine” because these recipes made from homegrown local ingredients have been perfected over the years as they’ve been passed down from generation to generation. One of the staple Texan homestyle foods is a plate that includes chicken fried steak smothered in white cream gravy, mashed potatoes, and other favored sides, like fried okra, buttered corn, sliced tomatoes, green beans and black-eyed peas.In Texas, this is your standard comfort food fare.

On the other side of the homestyle kitchen, Tex Mex is also king and many non-Hispanic Texas families also have Tex Mex recipes for enchiladas, guacamole and nachos that have been passed down through generations. So we’ve included the best restaurants that have both types of these delicious, mouthwatering foods that would make any Texas Granny or Abuela proud.

For chicken fried steak, head on down to AllGood Cafe for the “best chicken fried steak in the world” or over to Ozona Bar and Grill on Greenville Ave. for one of the best plates in town. They even have it on their breakfast menu paired with eggs! Another great gem for pot roast, meatloaf, and yes, chicken fried steak and chicken, is Mama’s Daughters Cafe. But save room for one of their scrumptious homemade pies for dessert! For the best homestyle Tex Mex in town – think “brisket tacos” – go to Mia’s Tex Mex on Lemmon Ave to try this tasty Texan treat!