Honors Courses and Contracts

Honors Courses and Contracts

Honors Courses

A large part of The Honors College experience is taking Honors courses. These smaller classes, capped at 25 students, offer:

  • personal attention
  • dedicated professors
  • discussion-based learning
  • meaningful content
  • proactive and academically excellent peers
  • a strengthening of the Honors community

Fall 2022 Courses

Access list of Fall 2022 Honors course offerings.

Access Fall 2022 Honors course descriptions.

Honors Contract

Students can earn Honors credit in a non-Honors class through an Honors Contract. Typically, a Contract involves performing some additional class work designed to enrich the course experience. The Honors contract project may involve a research paper, class presentation, lab experiment, special set of readings or problems, the creation of a website or PowerPoint, discussions with the instructor, and more—anything that enables a student to examine an aspect of the course in greater depth. Contracts are arranged with the course instructor in the course, but also require approval of the Departmental Honors Advisor and The Honors College.

Honors Contract Deadline

The deadlines for completed contract paperwork to be submitted to The Honors College are as follows. If the designated deadline is on a weekend, then Honors Contracts are due by the next business day.

Semester of Contract


Fall Semester

October 15

Winter Semester

February 15

Summer A Semester

May 20

Summer B Semester

July 10


The Honors College Contract – Submission Form can be found on our forms page.

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