Hoof’s Restaurant & Bar menu in Pawcatuck, Connecticut, USA

We arrived for our 7pm reservation made on Open Table around 6:50pm and checked in with the host. It was myself, my mom and my sister. The wait was long but we were understanding of restaurants being understaffed. At about 730pm we watched as two groups berated the host and we’re sat before us even though they had arrived after us (wait being rude is the best way to get seated and get service?!). We were told our meal would be compensated for the wait directly from the host. We were finally seated at 745pm. The espresso martini I ordered and food was incredible! My sister received a completely different chicken dish than she ordered, but she still liked it and finished her plate without even mentioning it to the waiter.
Finally, the check comes and the meal is not compensated at all by the restaurant, but that’s not why I came so I just paid the bill and ran out of there as fast as possible!! I don’t even care about paying if it means I can leave.
If you go here, do not make a reservation from 6-730pm.