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What is ZEN

ZenCash ZenCash forked from Zclassic in May 2017i. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform that can be used public or private, messaging, transacting and publishing. Like Bitcoin, Zcash has a total supply of 21 million ZEN, though it was launched without any premining or ICO.

ZenCash differentiates itself from the competition through its zero-knowledge Succinct Non-interactive arguments of Knowledge, or zk-SNARK for short. This zk-SNARK technology is the backbone of the ZenCash network, and is the magic that enables full encryption of Zen network communication.

Zencash is entering a space of fierce competition, with coins like Dash and Monero already battling it out to determine who is top dog. Though Zencash does have something unique with its zk-SNARK technology, this coupled with its messaging and publishing technology may be what it takes to make Zencash a viable alternative to its established counterparts. Though as with all things, only time will tell.