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We stayed at this hotel for two nights in April 2022. We had to wait a long time on line at the desk as there was only one person on duty. This is a large facility and should’ve at least had another person there or had someone to step in for a moment with people waiting to check in. This must’ve been a nice place at one time but it is sadly in need of renovation. The lobby is crowded and chaotic. Everything looks a little run down. There are two elevators right off the main lobby. Neither worked well. In fact during our stay, the door almost crushed the arm of someone trying to get on. We were already in the elevator but it was going nowhere. There wasn’t even a sign indicating it was out of order and not running. When we reached our room, the first thing I noticed was that the door looked like it had been sprayed with soda. While the bedding seemed clean and the beds were comfortable, the carpeting was filthy with brown spots on it. It also was a little frayed in a lot of places. Maybe they should limit their pet access. The bathroom was in an old style with the sink outside of the tub/toilet area. No sink near the toilet. Eww. The caulking around the tub area was cracking and there was crud in the corners. One morning we were going out and they were cleaning the outside of the hotel and we were told to use an alternate door. When we got there they were cleaning the floor as well and we had to walk on soapy, slippery floors just to exit the building. One day I decided to get some ice and the ice machine just made noise but no ice. In fact there was no ice the entire time we were there. This is a busy area but our room was at least quiet. This hotel needs improvement and I would not stay here again until that was done. Very disappointing for a Hilton property. I would’ve given a rating of 2 1/2 stars but that was not an option.

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