How Many Golf Courses Are There In The Villages Florida? – The Annika Academy

There are more than 50 golf courses in The Villages, each offering unique features and designs, as well as picturesque views and beautiful greens.

How Many 18 Hole Golf Courses Are In The Villages Florida?

There are 12 championship courses, 41 nine-hole executive courses, an 18-hole walking-only pitch-and-putt course, and an 18-hole walking-only grass putting course at The Villages.

How Many Courses Are In The Villages?

What is the number of golf courses in The Villages? There are currently 693 holes of golf in 12 championship courses and 42 executive courses in the United States. If you were wondering, that’s the most people in the world.

How Many 9 Hole Courses Are In The Villages?

There are 40 nine-hole courses on the Villages Executive Golf Trail, which are unique to The Villages.

What Does Golf Cost At The Villages Florida?

Green Fees


Guest, Regular 9-Weekday (Monday-Thursday)


Guest, Regular 9-Weekend (Friday-Sunday)


Guest, Par 3


Guest Day, Regular 18


How Much Does It Cost To Join A Country Club In The Villages Florida?

Championship Priority Golf Membership (includes Country Club Pools, Executive Trail Fee)


3 Clubs



2 Clubs



Add On Pool Membership*



Are There Any 18 Hole Golf Courses In The Villages?

The Villages now offers 42 Executive courses. There are mostly nine-hole courses (Marsh View Pitch & Putt has 18 holes) that are primarily par 3s, with a few par 4s and a rare par 5.

Is It Hard To Get Tee Times In The Villages?

There are plenty of golf courses here, but it is difficult to get a tee time for more than two players. There is also a lack of maintenance on the greens at both the Executive and Championship courses. There are many holes with crab grass in abundance. Stay here if you must, but don’t play golf in the high priced Villages.

How Much Does It Cost To Play The Championship Golf Courses In The Villages?

Green Fees


Guest Day, Regular 18


Guest Day, Regular 9


Guest Day, Par 3


Guest, Team Play/Invitational, Regular 18