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Florida boasts over 1,100 golf courses that play host to over nearly 48 million rounds annually, with 33% by out of state visitors, 14% by non-local Florida residents, and 54% by local residents.

Which state has the most golf courses in the United States?

The state that has the most golf courses is Florida, and it does not look like any other state will overtake that number in the near future. It is fair to say that the best state to go and enjoy golf is the Sunshine State due to the quality golf courses, number of golf courses, and warm climate.

Does Florida have the most golf courses?

Florida is home to over 1,000 golf courses, and the great news is you can tee off year-round. Golf Digest ranks Seminole GC as the top golf course in the state, followed closely by TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Which city has the most golf courses?

Golf is a popular past time played by many Americans in many different cities in the United States. Of course, some cities are home to more golf courses than others. In 2020, Aurora, CO had the greatest density with 2.7 golf courses per 10,000 residents.

What area of Florida has the most golf courses?

#1 Naples, Florida Not only does Naples have more golf courses than anywhere else in Florida, it also rates high in any quality of life factor that’s measured.

What is the golf capital of the US?

Naples, Florida is the Golf Capital of the World | Naples, Marco Island & Everglades.

Who owns the most golf courses in the US?

ClubCorp is a privately held American corporation based in Dallas and is the largest owner and operator of private golf and country clubs in the country. It owns or operates more than 200 golf and country clubs and business, sports and alumni clubs worldwide.

Is Florida the golf capital of the world?

With its 1,400 golf courses, Florida is truly the golf capital of the world. Palm Beach County is home to some of the most unbelievable golf courses across the globe. It is the premiere destination for the ultimate golf trip.

How many golfers are in Florida?

Florida golf is actually 167,000 people, and $13.8 billion. Big numbers, big game.

What is the most prestigious golf course in the world?

What Is the Most Prestigious Golf Course?

  • Old Course at St. Andrews.
  • Augusta National Golf Club. The home of the Masters, Augusta National was voted the PGA Tour’s best course in a “Golf Digest” poll of tour players in 2012.
  • Pebble Beach Golf Links.
  • Muirfield Village Golf Club.

How many golf courses are there in Miami?

There are 14 golf courses in Miami, Florida and 3 are municipal courses. There are also another 31 golf courses within 20 miles of Miami, including 8 public, 14 municipal, 2 PL and 7 private courses.

Which country golfs the most?

Countries Where Golf Is Most Popular

  • IRELAND. Despite the fact that golf was invented in Scotland, their next door neighbor, Ireland, is the most popular country for the sport.
  • JAPAN.

What is the golf capital of Florida?

Florida’s Golf Capital, Palm Beach.

What is the most beautiful golf course in Florida?

11 Most Beautiful Golf Courses in Florida

  • Kelly Plantation Golf Club, Destin.
  • Innisbrook, A Salamander Golf & Spa, Palm Harbor.
  • TPC Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra.
  • Hammock Beach Resort, Palm Coast.
  • Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, Miramar Beach.
  • Tiburon Golf Club, Naples.
  • The Ritz Carlton Golf Club, Orlando, Grande Lakes.

What city in Florida has the best golf courses?

Several cities within Florida are regularly considered as some of the best cities for golfing in the world. In fact, Orlando, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Jacksonville and Miami-Fort Lauderdale all featured as “Top 50 Golf Cities in America” according to a recent ranking.