How Much Gordon Ramsay Is Really Worth

How Much Gordon Ramsay Is Really Worth

We all know Gordon Ramsay: celebrity chef, restaurateur, and adventurous TV star with an endless supply of creative insults and an affection for unprintable four letter words. All that swearing and sautéing certainly keeps him comfortable, but how much is Gordon Ramsay really worth?

Well, combining the above with Ramsay’s other ventures: the cookbooks, biographies, masterclasses, homeware line, endorsements and even a non-food-related game show called “Bank Balance,” Wealthy Gorilla reports that Gordon Ramsay has a net worth of about $220 million.

According to Forbes, in 2020 alone he earned around $70 million, although the real figure could be even higher, as Forbes notes that Ramsay sold a 50% stake of his North American holding company to investors Lion Capital after their scoring period ended. The $100 million deal will expand Ramsay’s brand across 100 new American restaurants by 2024.

Gordon Ramsay has made himself into a global brand by combining his fiery personality (vividly showcased on a large number of Fox reality shows) and a love of classically British dishes like his signature Beef Wellington (over 250,000 sold since 2012!).

It’s a strange turn of events for a wee Scottish lad who grew up in public housing in England, who the New Yorker says dreamed of being a soccer player before he discovered his talent for food. Here, we’ll take a look at the various businesses that make up Ramsay’s $220 million net worth.