How to Become a Flight Attendant

Become a Good Hiring Candidate for Airlines

The first step in becoming a flight attendant is to apply for a position with an airline. You'll need to meet the airline's requirements for education and experience. Airlines require job applicants to have at least a high-school or equivalency (GED) diploma. However, many will only hire candidates who have taken college classes or who have an associate or bachelor's degree. Degrees that will prepare you especially well include hospitality, communication, tourism, and public relations. 


Employers often prefer job candidates who have work experience in a related field. If you want to become a flight attendant, consider gaining relevant experience in customer service by working in a hotel, resort, or restaurant.

Flight attendants must also meet specific physical requirements. Airlines typically have minimum and maximum heights. They also require attendants to be able to sit in a jumpseat and complete a range of physical tasks, like pushing, pulling, bending, and lifting with reasonable accommodation.

You will also need to pass a background check and a pre-employment drug screening. Visible tattoos are typically not allowed unless they can be concealed with makeup.

Be prepared to complete multiple interviews. For example, the airline may start with a phone screening or group interview before proceeding to a one-on-one interview. Dress professionally, and be prepared to discuss why you would be an excellent choice to represent the airline.

What you learn during your training will prepare you for the technical aspects of your job as a flight attendant, but your soft skills are just as important. You will need excellent communication skills, because you will spend a lot of time interacting with passengers and other members of your flight crew.

Stressful situations call for strong customer service and problem-solving skills. Good listening skills will allow you to understand and meet customers' needs.