How to get a 10k Loan with Bad Credit?

If we have a bad credit score, getting a money loan may be more difficult because we will not meet the lenders’ requirements. In these cases, knowing how to get a 10k loan with bad credit will be necessary to get a quick money loan.

Low credit scores nowadays need not be an obstacle to getting a personal loan. However, if we score 629 or less, we will have to work harder to qualify for our money loan.

How to get our loan with bad credit?

There are some steps that we must take into account to be approved for a personal loan of this type. Among the main ones are:

Verify our credit

Normally lenders have a minimum score requirement, and if we do not meet it, we will be rejected in most cases. For this reason, it is convenient to review our credit history, and if we find errors, it is best to correct them as soon as possible to improve our credit.

Compare lenders

Lenders will have different loan requirements or rates, so it will be worth shopping around. In some cases, we will be able to find a rate we can afford and other useful features, so it will always be better to have several options to choose the one that suits us best.


At this point, we will know the amount of the loan and the payment term to expect, which will not affect our credit score. It is very useful if we want to see if we qualify for a loan and if we’re going to compare offers.

Add our application

Confirmed and secured loans will help us qualify and get a lower rate for our loan payments. In these cases, we need to add another person’s credit and income information to the application, and this person will agree to pay if we cannot do so.


We must gather all the documents required to apply for a loan to speed up the process. After submitting our application, the lenders will give us the decision the same day or the next day, so the process is very fast.

How can bad credit affect our credit?

When our loan application is reviewed, lenders will determine whether to approve our credit, the interest rate to be charged, and the maximum amount they will lend us. If our credit score is low, we may have had trouble making payments on credit cards or other debts in the past.

For this reason, it will be a much greater risk for the lender to lend us money under these conditions. In these cases, they may reject our application or charge us a high annual percentage rate, so the best thing to do is improve our credit before applying.

Normally if our credit is excellent, the rate that will be applied to us will be 10.5%, while if we have a bad score, this can go up to 26.1%. As we can see, the difference is quite high, although these rates can change depending on the company, so it is always better to consult directly with the lending company to know which rate will be applied in each case.

Where can we get a loan if we have bad credit?

There are different options to consider if we want to apply for a loan with a bad credit score:

Credit unions

In these cases, we will have to be credit union members to borrow money, which is one of the best options if we have bad credit. These will consider an applicant’s history as a member when making a decision, so if we have a good relationship with the credit union, it could help with approval.

We can also get a lower interest rate since the maximum allowed in these cases will be 18%. If we compare it to other lenders’ rates that can go up to 36%, it will be much more convenient to do it this way.

Online Lenders

Some online lenders, such as Universal Credit or Avant, will lend us money even with bad credit. These also often include fast funding and advice on building our credit history.

We will be able to compare different online lenders, and so we can manage to find the lowest interest rate so we don’t have to pay an excessive price. Some of these lenders may add an extra 1% to 10% fee on the amount borrowed, which is deducted from the loan before depositing the funds into our account. For this reason, we will have to verify the conditions very well before making a decision.

Avoid loans without credit checks

Sometimes, we may be offered a loan without checking our credit score. But these are not a good option to consider, especially because they do not check our information.

In these cases, they could trap us in a cycle of debt by charging high rates that will make payments unaffordable. It will cause them to borrow again when the payment is due, so this is not a good alternative if we want to have a loan of money that we can afford and that completely fits the needs we have.

Which loans are more difficult to obtain with a bad credit score?

Secured, co-signed, and joint loans are the easiest to obtain with a bad credit history. In the case of secured loans, we will need an asset such as a car or savings to account that the lender can take in case we cannot pay.

On the other hand, in a co-signed or joint, we will have to get another person with a better income to join our application. If we fail to make payments, it will be the co-applicants responsibility to make the appropriate payments to the lender.

If we are disqualified from a loan, it could be because we have a very low credit score, insufficient income, or short credit history.

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