How to get a loan

Setting your borrowing limits

Other things to think about are how much you want to borrow, how much you can repay each month and how long you want to take to pay the loan back in full.

How much can you borrow

We offer personal loans of between £1,000 and £50,000.

The amount you can borrow and the interest rate you receive is based on your personal circumstances. 

How long you can take to repay the loan

You can take a Lloyds Bank Personal Loan for between 1 and 7 years. Just bear in mind the longer you borrow, the more interest you will pay overall.

To pay less interest overall, choose the shortest term you can afford on the lowest rate you can find.

You can pay your loan off early if you have some money to spare. Keep in mind, we may charge up to 58 days’ interest for early settlement.