How to Hack Coin Master on iOS Device without Jailbreak? – iPhone Wired

Link: (Works in Mobile Browser ONLY!)

Exploiting also known as ‘Glitching’ or using glitches is the process of using or ‘exploiting’ game bugs to gain an advantage over other players in games like Coin Master. – Such exploitable game bugs are usually very temporary and can only be used until the developers of the game inevitably hotfix them forever. However, while they may not always exist and be short-lived, they are also potentially the most powerful cheating methods available in Coin Master, often requiring no root and no jailbrake on Android and iOS either. Through exploitable game bugs normally impossible stuff, such as money hacks for coins, unlimited spins, free chests, unlimited attacks and raids, cards and more goodies may be possible through bugged rewards and game server bugs. Keep in mind that exploiting always is a process that needs to be followed and that there are no online generators or online hacks to use them, as those are always nhái. So keep an eye on the game hacking forums that discuss Coin Master and other mobile casual games in order to hear about and use these extremely powerful tools as and if they become available and before they are patched from the game forever.

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