How to mine MOAC? Mining profitability of the Moac Coin

Before we start, let’s take a look at this video guide.

What is MOAC?

MOAC is not just another cryptocurrency. According to the official website, it’s a multi-layer blockchain architecture for commercial applications.


It sounds complicated, but we will try to explain. Let’s look at the blockchain structure.


MOAC features a MotherChain and multiple MicroChains. Thanks to sharding, Microchains act as affiliated blockchains making them part of the main global blockchain. Microchains control smart contracts and handle a large number of transactions.

And it makes sense. Overall, multi-layer blockchain architecture allows you to execute transactions 100 times faster as compared to the existing blockchain platforms. Also, thanks to Microchains the cost of smart contracts is much lower, which lets developers swiftly test various applications and services.


Another one of MOAC’s features is the interoperability between Microchains and other blockchains, which allows users and Dapps to migrate from one platform to another effortlessly. Isn’t it amazing?

Prospects of the Project

Users highly appreciated the project. The MOAC team gathered almost $7 million for ICO. Therefore they have enough money to develop their ideas.


In December developers are planning to release the next generation P2P sharding system, which is a payment system that runs at full capacity and has other critical updates.


Moreover, the MOAC team actively use social media. And they don’t just post announcements on Twitter, they communicate with users.

MOAC even has a YouTube channel, where they make tutorials for developers, and they also organize a lot of events. If Ethereum did that, smart contracts would have already owned the world.

How Much MOAC Costs

MOAC ranks 38th on CoinMarketCap. It costs $3.90, and capitalization is $243 million. The trading volume in the last 24 hours amounted to $244 thousand. The circulating supply is 62 million MOAC, the total supply – 151,205,864.


MOAC reached its peak price at the end of January when the price for 1 coin exceeded $18.00.


Where to buy MOAC: Exchanges

There are only few options. The primary exchange that trades MOAC is CoinBene that accounts for 99 percent of all MOAC transactions. The lesser-known Bit-Z trades the rest.


Here are some other options.

Wallet for MOAC

You can download the full version of the wallet, called Nuwa, here. The mobile version, Token Pocket, is also available. If you don’t know which one to choose, you can always go to our chat for advice.

MOAC Mining

MOAC’s “MotherChain” uses Proof of Work (PoW), just like Ethereum. Also, miners are expected to have the possibility to contribute to the operation of MicroChain with the help of mobile devices, including smartphones.

For one found block, miners get 2 MOAC or about $8.00 at the current exchange rate.

MOAC Mining Hardware

They based MOAC on the Ethash/Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm, just like Ethereum, Calisto, Pirl, Akroma, and others. As a result, it needs the same hardware – 3GB+ Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

MOAC Mining Profitability

As always, we will take a rig with 250 MH/s as an example. With this hashrate, you can expect the following results.


Your rig will bring you $7 a day. You can try mining SOLO with at least three such rigs. They would bring you around $640 a month.


MOAC Mining Difficulty

MOAC is not a very popular coin among the miners yet. The difficulty is 23.35 Th.

Where to Mine MOAC

We recommend mining MOAC on the 2Miners mining pool. We offer stable payout, over 7,000 miners online, and a user-friendly interface.

2Miners Altcoin Cryptocurrency Mining Pools PPLNS SOLO

You can mine any coin in PPLNS and SOLO mode. MOAC is no exception. Here are the stats of the MOAC pool.

Unknown pool tickerUnknown pool ticker


And here are the rewards specifically for MOAC.

How to Start Mining

Start by downloading the latest version of the miner here. The password is 2miners.

Then find the moac-pool.bat file in the Ethash folder and edit it. This way you profits will be directed to your wallet.

  1. Add WALLET_ADDRESS. Example: 0x0073Cf1B9230cF3EE8Cab1971B8DbeF21eA7B595
  2. Change the RIG_NAME to whatever you want, but use only latin letters, numbers, underscore (“_”) and hyphen (“-”). The name can’t contain more than 32 symbols.

Here is an example of a working bat file.

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -allcoins etc -allpools 0 -eworker RIG_ID -ewal 0xb4d34c107abdc45cf8f437cbca2578ed30bcab75 -epsw x

Run your bat file and you’ll see the following.

image3 1

How to Setup MOAC Mining in Hive OS

The screenshot below shows the setup in Hive OS.image7


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the 2Miners Pool Telegram chat.

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