How to Sell your Courses Only as a Part of a Bundle (Not Individually)



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In LearnWorlds you can sell your courses as bundles and motivate your school visitors to purchase more of your products all at once. 

You will need to create your courses that will be later added to your Bundle. The courses you will include in the Bundle have their own Course Layout pages and are being promoted as individual courses AND as part of the Bundle. However, there might be the case that you wish to sell courses only as Bundles and not individually. This can be achieved if you include private courses in the Bundle. Private courses remain unpublished hence they are not visible in the course catalogue. 

Once you include Private courses in a public Bundle, the respective private courses cannot be purchased individually but only as a part of the Bundles. In this article you will find more information on how you are able to achieve this:

1. Create your Private courses. 

2. In case you have existing non Private courses that you now wish to sell only as a part of a Bundle, you should:

  • Navigate to your desired course.
  • Visit theAccess tab and alter the status of the course to Private.

Note: Already registered users will still have access to the private course’s content.

3. Create your Bundle and include the Private courses. 

In order for your users to purchase the courses as Bundles, you need to add a Bundles section to any of your school’s pages e.g on the After login page or to each Bundle page, etc. You will find more information in our respective article: How to Customize your Bundles page / Bundle sections.

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