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Hui is a fusion restaurant in the heart of Singapore Business and Technology Park. They combine the essence of eight major Chinese cuisines with French influences, creating a harmonious balance between food and nature.

They serve 3-7 courses depending on the season and time of year with delectable dishes that bring out the best in the ingredients.

One of the best dishes here is their Uni Caviar Pasta, made with all the umami flavours of the ocean. Featuring al-dente noodles and a delightful taste of the ocean, this dish is highly addictive and packed with creamy, intense flavours.

They also serve Iberico Pork Bowls that include tender, melt-in-your-mouth pork belly layered over fragrant rice topped with shishito peppers. Enjoy this savoury rice bowl that will satiate your taste buds in every bite.

To end your dining experience on a sweet note, enjoy a Chocolate Panna Cotta with opalys pears, coffee crumbles, and homemade ice cream. (Jul 2022)