Requirement (6 credit hours)

  • A total of six credit hours from the university approved GEP Humanities course list.
  • The selected courses must be from two different disciplines.
  • Special Note:  If a student changes a General Education course except for HES courses from a letter grade to credit-only (S/U), then the course will not satisfy the GEP requirements.  Consult your academic advisor if you have questions.


  • A course taken to satisfy a Major requirement may also satisfy this requirement if the course is on the approved GEP Humanities course list.
  • A course that satisfies the Humanities requirement may also satisfy the Global Knowledge or U.S. Diversity co-requisite if the course also exists on either university approved GEP co-requisite course list.


The humanities comprise the subjects and disciplines that use various models of rational inquiry to understand human nature and experience, organization and change in human societies, the nature of the world, and rational inquiry itself. An education in the humanities requires analysis and interpretation of significant works, gaining an exposure to a variety of methodologies, and learning to apply these in written exposition. An education in the basic humanistic disciplines is necessary to become a citizen with a broad knowledge of human cultures and with well-considered moral, philosophical, aesthetic, and intellectual convictions.

Category Objectives

Each course in the Humanities category of the General Education Program will provide instruction and guidance that help students to:

  1. Engage the human experience through the interpretation of human culture and
  2. Become aware of the act of interpretation itself as a critical form of knowing in the humanities; and
  3. Make academic arguments about the human experience using reasons and evidence for supporting those reasons that are appropriate to the humanities.