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Hunters Education 

The Greenville Police Department is proud to announce that we will soon be offering the Texas Hunters Education Certification Program for youth in the community. Detective Jimmy White recognized that there was no longer anyone in the surrounding area offering this program to the youth and wanted to develop this program at the Greenville Police Department. Officer White’s goals were to instill firearms safety, and hunter’s safety, and to foster a relationship with youth in the area with the Greenville Police Department. Officer White asked Officer Hamilton to assist him with the program development. After presenting their proposal to previous Chief Scott Smith, it was decided to incorporate this with the current Greenville Police Department Summer of Safety Program.

The purpose of bringing the Texas Hunters Education Certification Program is to provide a program for the youth of the City of Greenville that instills responsibility, improves skills and knowledge, and encourages the involvement of beginner hunters.  We also want to teach responsible, ethical behavior, and personal involvement that are essential to the survival of hunting. Finally, we want to create another outlet for Greenville Police Officers to mentor and teach youth in our community.

This course is designed for novice or young hunters, ages 9 years and above. The course covers the core competencies of firearm and hunting safety, hunting ethics, and wildlife conservation. All materials are provided and subjects are covered to enable the student to successfully complete the Hunter Education Certification process. The Basic Hunter Education Course lasts a maximum of 6 hours of classroom instruction. The fee for the certification is $15 and pre-registration is required. The students will also have a range/ skills day where they learn transportation of weapons, loading and unloading of weapons, walking while hunting, fence and creek crossing, and weapons proficiency. As an added bonus we will also be grilling hamburgers for the students and having lunch around a campfire setting.

We now have certified instructors and the 2022 date is pending.