I ate a 4-course meal at a weed pizza parlor and got stoned to the bone

At Stoned Pizza, diners can enjoy four courses of THC in a pot paradise.

neon sign reads: light up or leave me alone

All of the decor at Stoned is 420-friendly.

Andrea Michelson

Walking into Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza, I got the impression I was entering a stoner’s speakeasy.

I was greeted with the sweet smell of marijuana and the pumping bass of a Snoop Dogg song the moment I stepped in. The restaurant was pretty full for a weeknight, and towards the back of the space, a group of guys were passing around a pre-dinner blunt.

At Stoned — located “somewhere in the East Village” in New York City — diners are welcome to bring their own joints and blunts to accompany their meal. But you don’t need to BYOW to get buzzed: every food item on the menu contains a generous helping of THC, the cannabis compound that induces a high.