iD Brazil Churrascaria steakhouse restaurant – iD Brazil Churrascaria steakhouse restaurant serves a variety of grilled meats buffet or Rodizio style. Full bar.


iD Brazil is the first restaurant in New Haven county to offer traditional
Brazilian food and service. Over the years, Brazilian fare has gained popularity in many metropolitan areas of the country and now it's finally made it to the New Haven area. iD
offers a casual dining atmosphere with a high-quality menu prepared by a team of cooks with years of experience handling meats and creating
delicious side dishes.

There are two names we would like to explain to you. The first, Churrascaria, is what
we call a Brazilian steakhouse. It comes from the Portuguese word churrasco which can be translated as “barbecue”. Churrasco is a traditional way to prepare meats
throughout Brazil and especially in its southern parts that border Argentina and Uruguay. The second name is Rodizio, a style of service in which, for a fixed price, food is brought
continuously to the table until the customer is satisfied.

iD Brazil Churrascaria offers both traditional Rodizio service and a self-service buffet charged
per pound. We serve 12 different types of meats. If you are not a meat-lover there is a lot to choose from for you as well at our salad and sides stations. We serve beer, wine, and cocktails from our
full service bar. Come and enjoy the Brazilian way to eat and party!