ID Cards – Keystone First

There are two important cards that you must remember to carry with you at all times:

  • Your Keystone First ID (issued from Keystone First)
  • Your ACCESS or EBT Card (issued from the Department of Human Services)

If you have other health insurance coverage, you must show that health insurance card at every office and pharmacy visit, along with your Keystone First ID card and your ACCESS or EBT Card.

Below you will see samples of a Keystone First ID card and an ACCESS or EBT Card.

 Keystone First ID card

Keystone First ID card

What if I lose my Keystone First ID card?

If you lose your Keystone First ID card, call Member Services at 1-800-521-6860 for a new one.

Do more online. Lost your ID card?
Log on to the member portal to order a new one.


Pennsylvania ACCESS card

You will also get an ACCESS or EBT Card from the Department of Human Services. If you lose your ACCESS or EBT Card, call your caseworker at your County Assistance Office. If you need to know where your County Assistance Office is located, or if you have questions about your cards, call Member Services at 1-800-521-6860.