‘I’M NOT LEAVVINNNN’: Worker puts ‘Karen’ on blast after she tries to get him fired from his family’s restaurant through Facebook review

According to TikTok user George (@itsgeorgespanos), someone whom he identifies as a “Karen” left a review on his restaurant’s Facebook page with the intent of getting him fired. The only problem? It’s a family-owned business, meaning that, as George puts it in the description, “I’M NOT LEAVVINNNN.”

The video currently has over 1.7 million views.

In comments, users shared their own stories of working at family-owned establishments.

“Omg my life,” wrote one user. “…’I know the owner really well like we graduated together’ cool he’s my dad let me ask him bout that discount you said he gives.”

“Man- same,” added a second. “I always have Karen’s be like well I know the owner who are you. Oh you know MY DAD but not me…okay.”

“When I worked for my mom a lady cussed me out and asked to talk to the manager and my mom came out and cussed her out and [banned] her,” a third claimed.

“that time i was 16 and i got cussed out and they still asked for my boss so i hollered for my mom bc she was my boss,” a further user recalled. “they walked out.”

“I had a women tell me she was gonna get me fired,” an additional user remembered. “‘ma’am please call my mom and make that happen, I’ve tried to quit.’”

Others made jokes about the idea, speculating about what they would do if they were put in a similar situation.

“If my family had a business i’d be a menace to society lol,” offered a commenter.

Even more users simply complimented George.

“Karen’s be forgetting not all business are owned by lizard people…good for you!” exclaimed a TikToker. “This was me with my union when Karen’s tried to get me fired.”

We’ve reached out to George via Instagram direct message.

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