Indian Restaurant | Rangoli Street Food | United States


We believe the most memorable moments & lessons in life can be found on the street. A morning welcome by an old friend, a walk to the village well, or a full blown wedding procession of dancing guests- life’s greatest moments shared with the people around you. In India we love life.. big colorful life. The streets in India add to our love of life. Adventure. Entertainment. Friendship. Amazing food. A short walk down a local alley & you can find musicians, dancers, roadside eateries, shopping bazaars, & vegetable markets. It’s where lovers meet each other for the first time. Where your gang of closest friends can hang out and catch a new movie. It’s where we grow & learn. It’s where we are taken on the journey of life. At Rangoli, we want you to experience the same love & excitement the streets of India bring. We want you to feel immersed in the vibrancy & fun. We want you to find your own alley to explore on your journey. But most of all we want to enjoy this beautiful, big, colorful life with you!

It’s only natural for street food to be a megastar! Street food is like raw emotion meets your life’s ambition. It’s passionate, it’s comforting, it’s adventurous, & it’s deliciously fresh! Besides, no one likes to journey hungry…