Individual and Family Plans

Each Blue Cross NC health plan has its own network of covered health care providers. The larger the network, the more in-network options you have for doctors, hospitals and other facilities. But plans with a larger network typically have a higher monthly premium. Plans with a health system-specific network are often less expensive and help you get coordinated care, but usually only the doctors and facilities of one major health system are in-network.

So, it’s important to weigh access versus cost when choosing your plan. While we also offer out-of-network coverage, you can save the most money by only seeing providers that are in your plan’s network.

In the next section, you’ll see the health plans available in your county. Use the Find an In-Network Doctor button to look up providers and hospitals that are covered by that plan’s network. 

Health Plan Options

We have new lower-cost plans for 2022. Enter your county to see which health plans are available in your area:

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Prescription Coverage

Our Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans use the same formulary (a list of covered medications) and pharmacy network.


Find a Drug

Use the Find a Drug button to see which medicines are covered and which tier they fall into. Tier 1 is often the least expensive, while Tiers 5 and 6 are the highest-cost.

Find a Pharmacy

Use the Find a Pharmacy button to search for in-network pharmacies.


ACA 101: Plans and Benefits

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