Indy’s Best German Restaurants

Schnitzel! Sauerkraut! Sausages!

Indiana has a long history of being a state full of German immigrants, and German clubs are still alive and well around the US, including in Indy. Traditional German food is available throughout the city, but it’s concentrated at these local pubs, bakeries and butcher shops. Our Hoosier-famous breaded tenderloin is a direct descendent of its schnitzel forefathers, so get out this week and retrace the roots of Hoosier dining culture. Ja, voll!

Lawrence / 7625 Pendleton Pike

We’ve told you all about the sublime deliciousness that is the potato salad at Heidelberg, and to be honest, that was a buried lede. These pastries and bread (my god, the pretzels) are the ultimate reason to stop by, as well as a long wandering stroll through the maze-like arrangements of food and nicknacks.

Mass Ave / 401 E Michigan St

Still housed in the Atheneum where Indy’s first German-American Society started, The Rathskeller is like something out of a European dream. In the summer, the biergarten is always packed with revelers tossing back Pilsners and listening to live music. Get a plate of sausages and mustard to share with some of your friends.

German Park / 8602 S Meridian St

It’s been around for longer than we can remember, with the weekly buffet as good as it’s always been. Find it inside German Park and sit back for some of the most authentic German cuisine available in the whole circle city. Our fave is the enormous pretzels served with your choice of dipping sauce.

SoBro / 5301 Winthrop Ave

The Sahms have completely reworked the former Bent Rail space into a sleek-looking German pub with an outstanding dinner menu. The menu of Oktoberfest faves has been upgraded so you can take a nice date to Liter House, with braised beef shanks and a whole mess of sausages and accompaniments on the menu.

Bates-Hendricks / 1845 Shelby St

When you want to throw a real German-style fest in your own backyard, you have to start with Claus’ German Sausage and Meats. They’re are the real deal, and they tend to be a little on the fatty side, so boil them in beer first and don’t grill them too hot or they’ll burst. Make sure you pick up several kinds of mustard, too.

Mass Ave / 323 N Delaware St

It’s not the most authentic take on a German menu (mostly lunch and dinner pub favorites), with a regular menu of burgers and salads. But you can get sausages and kraut along with your curiously Italian-influenced foods like the giant meatball and chicken parm sandwich, and hey, what’s not to love about that kind of cross-cultural remix?