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Introduction to myCourses

About myCourses

myCourses (based on Blackboard Learn) is a web-based course-management system and
your virtual learning environment while enrolled in online courses. myCourses is designed
to allow students and faculty to participate in courses delivered online using online
materials and activities. You will need your PODS and password to access your course(s)
in myCourses.

Inside myCourses you will find:

  • Your courses & course materials

  • Announcements

  • Discussion boards and threaded discussions

  • Online quizzes or exams, and more

myCourses will serve as the platform for:

  • Assignments:

    Are created by your instructor and can be used for submitting homework, projects,
    and papers.

  • Taking Online Assessments:

    There are a variety of testing options within this program, some examples are: submit
    a paper, upload a document, complete an online test, and do an online presentation.
    Your instructor will provide guidelines for online exams.

*The format of course assignments and tests should be listed in the course syllabus
– make sure you have read the syllabus and are able to be prepared and make any needed
accommodations for assignment and test requirements.

Logging into myCourses

  1. Go to

     and click on the My Courses icon. 

  2. Enter your PODS in the Username field and your password in the Password field. 

  3. Click the LOGIN button. 

  4. Click on a course link in the My Courses box to access a course in which you are enrolled. 

If you have problems logging in or need assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk
at or 607-777-6420.  

Help with myCourses

If you you need assistance with my courses, visit the Help & Info for Students tab in myCourses or contact the ITS Help Desk at or 607-777-6420.  

Accessibility & Hardware Requirements

  • You will need a computer with a reliable internet connection that is fast enough to
    handle the types of material you will need to view in your class. This will include
    large video files that will not work on slower internet connections (a dial-up or
    satellite internet connection) or older computers. 

  • Run this browser checker to see if your browser will work with Blackboard at Blackboard Browser Checker 

  • Note on Accessibility: For the best myCourses experience with your screen reader,
    use Firefox® and JAWS® on a Windows® system. On a Mac® use Safari® and VoiceOver. 

  • NOTE: It may be difficult to rely only on a tablet, including an iPad, or a smartphone
    to use myCourses. Not all features will work on tablets/mobile devices. You may need
    access to a full computer to be able to do everything in your Blackboard class. 

The Blackboard App 

The Blackboard app gives you the information you want, the updates you need, and the
personalization you require while on the go. The Blackboard app puts your Binghamton
classes directly in your hands, so you can stay connected with your educational journey
anytime, anywhere. 

The Blackboard app is available for Apple, Google and Windows devices, search your
app store for ‘Blackboard’ 

To access your Binghamton University courses: 

  1. Install and launch the Blackboard App 

  2. Type Binghamton University into the “Type your school’s name” field. Select SUNY-Binghamton
    University myCourses 

  3. Click Web Login 

  4. You will be taken to the Binghamton University Blackboard login page 

  5. Type your PODS username, password and Select PODS Domain

  6. The home screen is the Activity Stream that represents a “smart view” of prioritized
    events and actions and pushes content to the student 

  7. Click the top left icon to navigate and access Organizations (iOS only), Courses,
    Grades, and Due Dates 

For more information, watch the Blackboard App Tour (video link) 

Introduction to Online Learning at Binghamton University

Introduction to Online Learning at Binghamton University is an orientation to learning online meant for students. There is no charge for this orientation and it should take upwards
of two hours to complete.

The course is available using the link below, but you would like to engage in the
activities within the course, you will need to enroll in the courses using the +Enroll button under the course menu.

Click here to access Introduction to Online Learning at Binghamton University

Once enrolled, you can visit the course at any time under the My Organizations module
on the myCourses Homepage. 

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