Insurance Agent Salaries in the United States for The Zebra |

Overall I was decently satisfied with The Zebra. They provided everything we needed as for as hardware goes. Great benefits for sure and great perks! But unfortunately its probably the only thing I miss. The “training” that was provided to us as a Sales Agent needs a lot of work. We were given the information followed by maybe a few days of having experienced agents shadow us, then we were given the green light to start selling. Way too accelerated in my opinion.

Compliance was a huge issue and made me nervous at times, including some of my former colleagues. We were told to use certain supervisors passwords in order to sell for that specific carrier (we sell multiple carriers products), but then later on we were told we were no longer able to do that and we should use our own login credentials to sell. Which wouldn’t be an issue, if we had our credentials. We were expected to hit sales goals but majority of the time, we didn’t have our credentials for carriers that were high demand or popular. As someone who worked in an insurance company before, I kind of knew using others credentials to sell was a no no, but my managers and including upper management knew what we were doing and said it was okay.

We were also constantly budding heads with other departments on specific procedures worked when it came to certain transfers and calls, which then caused tension between the departments and made working with others difficult, even though we were remote. For some reason we never seemed to be on the same page.

Hours are okay but if you’re new, be ready to work a really not fun