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Integrating research skills tutorials into a course allows you to connect the tutorials
to the myCourses (Brightspace) grade book. To get assistance or provide feedback,
contact Aleshia Huber,

Integration Directions

Step 1: Download the .zip file of the Research Skills tutorials course shell. This
is available for download in Google Drive. Leave the file as a .zip; do not open or extract files.

Step 2: In your course, click “Course Tools” and select “Course Admin”.

Screenshot of Brightspace navigation menu with course admin circled

Step 3: Under “Site Resources”, select “Import/Export/Copy Components”.

Screenshot of 'Site Resources' menu with 'Import/Export/Copy Components' circled

Step 4: Select the “import components” option and choose from a course package.

Screenshot of 'Import/Export/Copy' page with import option selected and 'course package' option circled.

Step 5: Upload the .zip file of the Research Skills tutorials course package from
your computer. You can choose to import all of the tutorials (all of the components),
or click “advanced options” to choose individual tutorials to import. See steps 5a-5d
for individual tutorials.

Screenshot of file upload page

  1. If you choose to select individual components to copy tutorials, note that you will
    need to import both the Content (the tutorials will be made available to students
    through Content) and the External Learning Tool (this is how the tutorials integrate
    into Brightspace behind the scenes). Brightspace will first scan the .zip file. After
    it has finished click “continue” and on the following page, choose the “Select individual
    items to import” option under both Content and External Learning Tools Links.Screenshot of 'Select Components'
  2. Select the content for each tutorial. The +/- button will expand each module so you
    can choose to include/exclude specific tutorials. Screenshot of Copy Course Components with select individual items to copy chosen
  3. Mark the corresponding external learning tool component for each tutorial. The tutorials
    are numbered in the external learning tools list in order to make it easier to locate
    by module; Brightspace only lists external learning tools alphabetically. See here for module numbers. Screenshot of content to copy with individual tutorials selected
  4. You may review the components you wish to copy. Click “Continue”. Screenshot of confirm selections page

Step 6: The importing process status will appear. When it is finished, click “view
content” to see the imported tutorials.

Screenshot of successful import page with 'view content' circled