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What is Interior Design?

Interior design is the art of enhancing a wide variety of living and working environments by focusing on both the design and decoration aspects of the interior space. Interior designers are therefore often involved in the process of building or modifying a space as well as planning its overall look, feel and style.

The average day of an interior designer can involve anything from sketching out ideas and developing them online to meeting with clients, conducting site visits, and liaising with builders, painters and architects.

Interior Design in Australia

There are currently more than 10,000 interior designers working throughout Australia, most of whom are employed in Victoria (40%), New South Wales (24%), and Queensland (20%). Australia’s interior designers work in public and private sectors with the average work week is 39.2 hours long, and the median salary is approximately  $78,599 per year.

Interior Design Courses

Finding the training you want and need is easy, with so many course options in interior design, you’re bound to find everything from short courses in interior decoration right through to multi-year degrees in interior design.


Certificate level courses are fantastic for those new to the industry as they cover the fundamentals, from the basics of design theory and the history of interior designing through to interpreting design briefs and even quoting your work. Colour theory, dimensional drawings and using computer software to create designs are all common areas of study in a Certificate in Interior Design.


A Diploma in Interior Design combines a solid foundation in design theory with a broad range of practical skills and often include the opportunity to build up your own portfolio under the guidance of an industry expert. You will develop the skills you need to design, plan and detail residential, commercial and heritage interiors and emerge ready for roles such as interior designer, stylist or consultant.

Bachelor Degree

A Bachelor degree will have you ready to achieve whatever goals you have in mind, as these nationally recognised programs combine theory, practice and creative problem-solving skills with a broad range of technical knowledge. Graduates will be equipped to handle almost any design-related role, from working for architecture firms and interior design companies to running your own business through on of these interior design courses.

Whether you’re fresh out of school, looking to change careers or a current professional interested in updating existing skills, you’re sure to find an interior design course to suit your needs and schedule right here.

The Future of Interior Design

The interior design industry is booming at the moment, thanks in large to advancements in technology. The sharing of data and interconnectivity provided by the Internet is changing the way people interact with their homes and office spaces, and in the process; is creating ample opportunities for tech-savvy designers.

3D printing is making it faster and easier for designers to create highly detailed designs while virtual reality software is making it simpler to walk clients through realistic views of even the most intricate design plans.

Australia’s interior design industry has gone from strength to strength in recent years and according to Australian Government data, up to 16,100 interior designers are expected to be employed across the country in the next three years.

Is a Career in Interior Design Right for You?

To do well as an interior designer you need to have a creative flair, an eye for detail, and a keen interest in how structures are built. Clear communication skills are essential, as re-creative problem solving and sound knowledge of materials, fabrics and finishes. Being skilled in the art of sketching and technical drawing will also help and knowing your tints, shades and tones is vital.

Are you ready to take your design skills to the next level? If so, you are sure to find a course that ticks all your boxes through one of the interior design courses displayed here. Find your course, sign up, and take the next step in your design journey today.