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MAR 5805Problems and Methods in Marketing Management3
MAR 5806Problems and Methods in Marketing Management2
MAR 6157International Marketing2
MAR 6158International Marketing3
MAR 6237The Art and Science of Pricing2
MAR 6256Strategy and Tactics of Pricing3
MAR 6335Building and Managing Brand Equity2
MAR 6456Business-to-Business Marketing2
MAR 6479Professional Selling2
MAR 6507Customer Insights and Analysis3
MAR 6508Customer Analysis2
MAR 6590Managerial and Consumer Decision Making3
MAR 6591Consumer and Managerial Decision-Making2
MAR 6601Entrepreneurial Marketing I2
MAR 6602Entrepreneurial Marketing II2
MAR 6646Marketing Research for Managerial Decision Making3
MAR 6648Marketing Research for Managerial Decision Making2
MAR 6667Marketing Analytics Methods2
MAR 6668Marketing Analytics 12
MAR 6669Marketing Analytics 22
MAR 6722Web-Based Marketing2
MAR 6816Advanced Marketing Management (MBA)3
MAR 6818Advanced Marketing Management2
MAR 6833Product Development and Management2
MAR 6838Brand Management3
MAR 6839Product Development and Management3
MAR 6861Customer Relationship Management2
MAR 6862Customer Relationship Management3
MAR 6905Individual Work1-4
MAR 6910Supervised Research1-5
MAR 6930Special Topics in Marketing1-4
MAR 6940Supervised Teaching1-5
MAR 6957International Studies in Marketing1-4
MAR 6971Research for Master's Thesis1-15
MAR 7507Perspectives on Consumer Behavior3
MAR 7588Consumer Information Processing and Decision Making3
MAR 7589Judgment and Decision Making3
MAR 7626Multivariate Statistical Methods in Marketing3
MAR 7636Research Methods in Marketing3
MAR 7666Marketing Decision Models3
MAR 7786Marketing Literature3
MAR 7925Workshop in Marketing Research3
MAR 7979Advanced Research1-12
MAR 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation1-15