Inti – Hell’s Kitchen – New York – The Infatuation


Inti is quiet restaurant on 10th Avenue that feels unremarkable in almost every regard, aside from their very authentic and very good Peruvian food. Every meal at Inti starts with a little bowl of fried corn kernels and spicy green sauce (good for dipping the corn and everything else). We’d be on board if Inti one day decided to package and sell said fried corn, but then there might be no Inti restaurant, and just a lucrative Inti corn corporation.

Everything here comes in large portions at pretty affordable prices, including things like ceviche and a whole rotisserie chicken with french fries, fried plantains, rice and beans, and salad that will easily feed five adults. So the next time you need a group dinner before a show at Terminal 5 or a night out in Hell’s Kitchen, or an affordable peruvian feast in a quiet setting, Inti is the place.