10/1996, established Gili Taxi Vung Tau: running taxi business. Mr. Le Tu Minh is Chairman of the Board.
11/1996, established Gili Taxi Hue: running taxi business.

Joined capital to establish Truong Xuan Company Ltd., which built and ran in Truong Xuan Urban Area, Quang Ngai (the project was completed, sold all houses in 2014 and dissolved).

03/2006, joined capital to find Hoang Thanh Hotel Joint Stock company: invested and operated Gerbera Hue hotel 130 rooms (transferred 100% shares in 2013).
12/2006, joined capital to find Hang Khong Hotel Joint Stock company (transferred 100% shares in 2014).

02/2007, joined capital to establish MT Gas company: bought and sold LPG (transferred 100% shares in 2017).
12/2007, established IMG Phuoc Dong: developed and ran Phuoc Dong Harbor Industrial Park. Mr. Le Tu Minh is Chairman of the Board.
12/2007, established IMG Investment Joint Stock Company which became the parent company that directly manages, funds, and operates all the other subsidiary companies and projects. Mr. Le Tu Minh is Chairman of the Board.


01/2008, found ACC-Thang Long (ACCTL), developed and managed Artemis building complex (completed and put into service on 14/05/2017) and 40 floors apartment at 448 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Dist. 4, HCM City (est. begin in 2021). Mr. Le Tu Minh is Chairman of the Board.
02/2008, found IMG Hue: developed and managed An Cuu City Urban Area 33 ha. Mr. Le Tu Minh is Chairman of the Board.


03/2009, joined capital to establish Hue Medical Joint Stock Company (transferred 100% shares in 2011).
08/2009, established Viet Long Quang Ngai Joint Stock Company that operated in real estate and restaurants, merged into IMG in 2009.

Established ACC-Thang Long Branch, developed and managed Athena office building at 146-148 Cong Hoa Street, Tan Binh District, HoChiMinh City.

Established SIMG in Singapore, with desire to engage in Singapore’s property market.

Established IMG Quang Ngai Joint Stock Company that developed and sold real estate projects, merged into IMG Hue in 2016.

Established AIMG in Melbourne, Australia: real estate business in which the first phase of 2017-2025 is buying land and building luxury apartments at 300 City Road, Melbourne.
With that record, Mr. Le Tu Minh has found and developed a new company every one and a half year on average. Each company has their own different story to be told.


10/2020 officially changed the name of the ACC-Thang Long JSC into MHL Investment Joint Stock Company.
12/2020 officially changed the name of the Branch of ACC-Thang Long JSC to the Branch of MHL Investment Joint Stock Company.

3/2021 Inaugurated and put into operation Phuoc Dong Industrial Park & Port
4/2021 Groundbreaking An Cuu City Phase 2 & New Product Launch – Shophouse