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J.S. Bowman defines with humor what the assessment in company is: “it is given by somebody who does not want to give it, to somebody who does not want to receive it”. This definition is limited from a teaching point of view, but it draws the attention to the embarrassment that it can cause within an organization.

Assessment is however a key point in the human resources management and carries multiple expectations (remuneration, professional development, training…).

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assessment in company

First of all, a bit of history

In the 19th century, with the Frederick Winslow Taylor’s scientific management work, the appreciation objectivity is established by rating a job. The requirements of this are translated by criteria gathering the various activities and declined into absent or present behaviors (yes or no). The total of yes and no give a rate.

The assessment objectivity is thus regarded as one of the principal concerns of management. The implementation of criteria makes it possible to limit subjectivity or in the case of the Wei dynasty, the arbitrary one.

The assessment objectives

When implementing an assessment, defining its objectives makes it possible to direct the questioning and to structure the questionnaire. The bias in the answers will be thus avoided. Assessment can justify for example decisions on the salary, the training or a post assignment.

The evaluator’s credibility

To ensure that an evaluator is credible, he must be close to the person assessed. Thus he will be able to give an opinion on this one.

Moreover, so that human resources integrate the assessment contributions and that it comprises real stakes, the evaluator must have sufficient influence in the decision-making processes.

The decision-making process

In organizations, it is noted that the assessment implementation is not always followed by achievement.

In fact, less the evaluator will have influence in the human resources management decisions, less he will have influence in their development. The interview accounting will be regular but the follow-up will not be assured.

Feedback or feedback expectation

Assessment is a communication privileged moment within a company. It makes it possible to regenerate confidence and motivation. Feedback will be more effective if it is specific, centered on the behavior and not on the person; if it takes into tài khoản the appreciated person needs; if it carries out the information exchange rather than the administration of advices and if it is directed towards behaviors which the evaluator can change.

Assessment has an important place in the human resources management. In order to be effective, the assessment process must include a preparatory phase which will make it possible to define the assessment criteria.

Criteria can be integrated in a questionnaire which either will be proposed during an individual interview between the evaluator and the person assessed, or will be proposed online. This online assessment system offers the advantage of keeping the anonymity of the respondent.

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