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This free data analytics course will focus on four basic tools of data analysis that every data analyst should be familiar with. The course starts by giving you an overview of the main agenda, and the definition of a process. You will then study the three strands of effective management with reference to Brian Joiner Deming’s book “Fourth Generation Management” as groundwork for the next part which teaches you to analyze your customers and review some questions to ask yourself when dealing with a customer. The first set of principles of process management will be outlined in this section and you will be taught how to understand how each of your business processes operates in its current condition. The steps involved in Deming’s chain reaction will be explained relating it to the second set of principles of process management. Teamwork is the next theme and this data analytics training covers how to work as one team and take responsibility for mistakes and setbacks to improve the “process.”

This data analytics certificate program then discusses the dangers of bad data reporting as well as the principles of good data analysis. You will also be given a comprehensive run-through on four performance data tools for data analysis to act as a filter to identify areas where you need further and deeper analysis. The first is the Pareto Chart which is a special type of histogram used to arrange categories from the highest frequency to lowest. The second tool is the histogram which is used to show the range of performance. Then, the Run Chart, which shows data over a time period. And lastly, there is the Control Chart. You will be taught how to interpret the control chart and see special cases where the method for creating the control chart changes will be highlighted. Exercises with actual walkthroughs and solutions using all four data analysis tools will be provided.

Your learning then includes being introduced to the nature and principles of variation in process performance and the ways to determine the performance of a business process by measuring the background levels of the business. This comprehensive data analytics education program explores strategies for dealing with special and common cause variations. The following key theme practically teaches you how to use data to drive meaningful improvement in your businesses and the correct way to add value or enhance the value of your products and services to appeal to customers will be explained. Towards the end of the course, you will be taught how to define a problem and analyze the current situation in your business. This free data analytics course will be well suited for data analysts, business managers, accountants, or anyone interested in using data to improve the performance of their business, so enrol today and add the in-demand skill of data analysis to your portfolio so you can open more career opportunities.

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