Investor Relations

Athena Technology Acquisition Corp. is led by company founders, operators, venture capitalists and investment bankers. Together as a group we currently generate over $9 billion in revenues created from scratch as founders. Our sectors of expertise expand across areas of technology, with a particular focus on FinTech, cybersecurity and technology enabled DTC. In aggregate, we have been on a number of public boards, including Oracle, American Airlines, NBC, BNY Mellon, GroupOn, Draft Kings, Citi, Comcast among others and over 30 private company boards.

Our SPAC is led by FinTech founder and venture capitalist Isabelle Freidheim and cybersecurity founder and CEO of Xtreme Solutions Phyllis Newhouse. Ms. Newhouse, an EY Entrepreneur of the year award winner, previously established the cyber espionage task force and worked for Colin Powell while in the US Army. Ms Freidheim co-founded FinTech company Magnifi and has a private equity and venture capital background.

Athena has partnered with Cohen & Company, which has listed numerous SPACs, including the FTAC SPACs ran by Betsy Cohen.