Iowa | Top 100 Golf Courses

The Hawkeye State of Iowa sits in the Midwest Region of the United States and Des Moines is both its capital and largest city. The Mississippi River delineates Iowa’s eastern border with Wisconsin and Illinois and the Missouri River forms the boundary with Nebraska on Iowa’s western flank, with the state of Missouri lying to the south. Back in 1846, Iowa was the 29th state to be admitted to the Union and since then – barring the odd Civil War, Depression and World War – it has never looked back.

The Iowa Golf Association has been serving male golfers in the state since 1900 and it currently provides governance to registered members in 170 clubs. The ladies equivalent, the Iowa Women’s Golf Association, was formed in 1927 though, interestingly, female golfers had been playing tournaments in conjunction with the men’s state events since 1902.

Two Golden Age layouts deserve special mention and they are William Langford’s Wakonda Club in Des Moines and C.H. Alison’s Davenport Country Club in Pleasant Valley. Completed in 1922 and 1924 respectively, they’ve not been immune to alteration down the years but they’re still well worth trying to befriend a member in order to get a game. Of a more recent vintage, Pete Dye’s North and South layouts at Des Moines Country Club and the Tom Fazio-designed course at Glen Oaks Country Club are excellent modern courses whilst Keith Foster’s new millennium creation at Harvester is widely recognized as one of the the best in state tracks – what’s more, it’s a public access facility that allows daily fee play.

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