Is Asus A Chinese Company? Know About Founder, Country, And Company Details

Is Asus A Chinese Company? Know About Founder, Country, And Company Details



The Govt of India started banning apps and games that allegedly harvested user data and shared it with other countries. Most of these apps hailed from China and raised a lot of eyebrows, realizing how the Chinese app market is dominating the Indian smartphone space.

Is Asus A Chinese Company? Know About Founder, Country, Company Detail

Post this development, users wanted to know the origin and the founder of brands that make tech products that we use every day. Laptops, computers, and smartphones are these devices that help us access apps and use the internet. One such brand with a large footprint in India is Asus.

Is Asus A Chinese Company?

No, Asus is not a Chinese company. Asus is officially known as AsusTek Computer Inc., and it is a Taiwanese multi-national tech brand. The company has found on 2 April 1989, and the world Asus means “Eminence by the Chinese” and the word originates from Greek mythology.

The company was found by Tzu-Hsien Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh, and M.T. Liao, who previously worked for Acer as hardware engineers. Jonney Shih is the chairman and CBO of Asus, and he is also a Taiwan citizen.

Asus is a public listed company, and as of 2020, it is the world’s 6th largest PC vendor. The company makes a variety of products like laptops, PCs, routers, GPUs, smartphones, computer motherboards, projectors, storage devices, RAM, and more.

One should never judge a product or make a purchase decision just by the country of origin, as every Chinese app or device will not steal harness your data and share it with the government. While making a product choice, one should worry about aspects like hardware, design, build-quality, and longevity more than the country of origin. Even if one cares about the country of origin, one can blindly buy an Asus product, as it is not a Chinese entity.

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