Is Great Courses Plus A Scam? 7 Things You Need To Know Before Joining!

If you’re here, chances are you are looking for an online learning platform and stumbled upon The Great Courses Plus course or heard of it from somewhere.

Well, you’ve landed on the right page!

The Great Courses Plus is a thorough and in-depth online learning platform dubbed as the “Netflix of Learning.”

It has an incredible amount of courses for high school students as well as college-level courses, many of which are taught by easily digestible audio and video clips.

In my review of The Great Courses Plus course, I’ll give you my honest take on every aspect of the program to provide you a sound and reliable basis for your purchase and if it really is the best online learning platform out there.

At the end of this article, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding The Great Courses Plus course and online learning in general.

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Let’s now jump in and find out if The Great Courses Plus is a good investment for you!