Is US Bank BK friendly on auto loans?

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I use my US Bank checking and savings as my main bank accounts, with direct deposit. I also have a secured credit card through them. Will my current relationship make me eligible for an auto loan?


I’m 13 months post-discharge. My Experian Fico 8 is 661, Auto Score 2: 706, and Auto Score 8: 682. Transunion is about the same, and my Equifax is a little higher at 696.


yên ổn pretty much in your same situation.  yên ổn 14 months past bk13 discharge. ive got a nice rebuild going and my scores are about where yours are.   i also use usbank. yên ổn looking for a new ride.   i found a link where usbank says you can pre qualify for a loan.  i have not tried it yet, i dont know if its a SP or a HP.  the website doesnt specify exactly.   i cant seem to find anything online saying either way.  


you might want to give capital one auto finance a try.  yên ổn pre approved with them for 42.3k.  each pre approval is a soft pull and good for 30 days.  they give you a code to show to the dealer when they submit it to cap1.   that might be your best bet.  good luck in finding a car, yên ổn having a heck of a time finding a dealership with anything in stock.  its all dealer ordered or in transit.    demand is high.  i had to put a deposit on the truck i wanted so when it comes in i get first crack at it.   in the meantime yên ổn trying to find my best finance option.   


as far as being bk friendly for auto loans, i cant say for sure, but i did get a pre approved offer for their  visa platinum credit card.  i declined because yên ổn trying to keep HP to a minimum because of my auto dealings.  so they are bk friendly in that regard.  perhaps its where i bank with them also.  not sure if a non customer would get the offer with a bk showing.



here is the link i found for usbank pre qualify….

Apply for auto loan pre-approval | U.S. Bank (



fico scores – June 2022:
TU – 702 | EX – 707 | EQ – 713 |